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EVENTS contact us for rates

Are you hosting a bridal shower? Maybe you are looking to throw a holistic birthday party. At Let It Be Yoga we are prepared to customize a session for you. We also offer the services of our downtown neighbor, The Juice Place, to cater your affair inside the studio or we will come to your site of choice. 

Private/ Semi-Private Events $75/ 30 minutes, $120/hour- groups of up to 8

Are you looking for a special event for your holiday. Why not try Let It Be Yoga? Yoga is a great way for you to spend healthy time with friends and family. You can book for a special occasion or book a pack of sessions if you're looking to continue with your practice. At LIBYoga we offer special private courses to aid you with: 

Injury recovery/ Pain Relief

  • Weight Loss
  • Stress Reduction 
  • Relaxation 
  • Flexibility 
  • Athletic Enhancement 

Private sessions can also be a great way to ease yourself into your practice. If you have never practiced before you can book a private and get one-on-one attention to help yourself feel more comfortable and prepared to come to regularly booked classes.

RESERVE OUR SPACE contact us for rates

LIBYoga rents out our space for your special yoga event. Just let us know what you are looking to host, and we will be as involved as you please.

In addition to renting out our space, we are now offering the option to rent our video equipment as well. Are you a local instructor that wishes to create an online presence? Do you want to try putting yourself out there on the web to see what the reaction is. We have what you need. Come record at our studio and even have the option of posting your content on out current Vimeo page. Call us for more details and to reserve a time to drop by and check out what we have to offer.  



class types

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Hatha yoga

An ancient practice rooted in the method of disrupting the fascia in order to initiate growth of the tissue. The meaning of "ha" is sancrit for sun and "tha" for moon. This combination of opposites allows for the stabilization of the yin and yang. This is a practice in which most postures will be held static for 120 seconds. This is recommended for beginning yogis in order to grasp the alignment of the poses. Lastly, as in all practices of traditional yoga the breath is an integral part of the experience. 

Detox Yoga

These classes will be offered on the weekends to allow an Ayurvedic method of release to detoxify the body from its built up stress and toxins. Come release and relax on your weekend - the healthy way. 

vinyasa yoga

Rooted deep in ancient tradition as well vinyasa holds its place in the yoga world. This practice consists of a string of moving postures. This is a practice better utilized mid day because the body and mind will wake with the quick succession of body movement and heat building breath.  Recommended to have taken at least 10 Hatha classes prior. 



Energizing Yoga

Better than a coffee! Come to this intensive backbend class held mid-day each weekday. Awaken the mind and body to stay energized without caffeine or other stimulants!