Conscious Creativity: Two Day Ticket

Conscious Creativity: Two Day Ticket


Two day ticket: January 19th, 6:30-9pm & 20th, 3:00-5:30pm

Have you truly explored tea?

Nicolette Maio is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who guides herself and others to understand themselves through food and drink. In a fun way, she will guide you through a 7-step appreciation process which will invoke an intuitive response and awareness in your body.

Two different teas have been selected intentionally to pair with the rest of workshop.

After the tea exploration, we will take this cultivated awareness of our bodies into a yoga practice. The first day, we will focus on "Balance" with a Yin to Yang Yoga practice. In this type of yoga, we use plenty of props to surrender in stillness, cultivating awareness of our breath. It is important to harness the yin energy as we move through our busy days actively (in a yang way). We will marry the two styles of yoga, practicing how it feels to settle into a clear, balanced state while actively striving to accomplish goals in your daily life. 

Morgan Zelmer of Art Form Yoga will continue the exploration with guided creative exercises. We will focus on giving form to the awareness that arises during the tea ceremony and yoga practice. By combining yogic philosophy with artistic mediums, we will understand how to balance our creative impulses with grounded action. 

On the second day, join us in a tea exploration with the intention of "Grounding" our creative energy into Mother Earth. We will flow through a yoga practice with LIB studio owner, Kristen. We will finish with a collective Art Form Yoga mandala project that will symbolize our connection to each other and the greater community of the Earth. Please bring something you'd like to contribute for the time of the group project. 


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