Q: what do i wear?

A: We don't want you to go out and buy expensive LuLu Lemon or Alo yoga pants. We just want you to show up comfortable to class. If that means going out and buying LuLu or Alo, then so be it. You will be bending and moving in all kinds or directions- so wear clothes that allow you the flexibility that we all know you are capable of. 

Q: when do i show up to class?

A: The early bird catches the worm (and is considerate of all the other birds). Come to class 10-15 minutes early. This will give you time to find a spot for your mat and collect the props that you need. This also allows us to check you in if you haven't pre-registered for class, or collect your payment if necessary. 

Q: what should i bring to class?

A: Come as you are, leave what you want. Bring your own mat, or rent one of our for the class for $2. We provide you with all the props- yoga blocks, blankets, pillows.  

Q: Is there parking?

A: Parking? Of course! The Downtown Mall offers lots of parking- on a first come first serve basis. Just another reason to show up a bit early for class. Our studio is surrounded by metered street parking and free one-two hour street parking. 

Private, yogi parking lot- to be continued…