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All of our classes aim to highlight Hatha yoga, which is translated from ancient Sanskrit to mean “ha” sun and “tha” moon. So why is this a kind of yoga? This is the combination of opposites. We unite the breath (pranayama) and the body movements (asana) to move obstacles from our lives – both physically and mentally. This is a great place to begin the yoga journey.



Why Let It Be Yoga


I have unlocked the keys to a space that holds the 15th yoga studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am also in the process of working with many different populations. While I run Let It Be Yoga, I also teach yoga to government officials at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville. I teach a men's yoga class at Farmington Country Club. I have a budding yoga relationship with the Silver Chair Company, The Women's Initiative, and even the local Charlottesville Library.

Let It Be Yoga is still in the first-year, transition period of becoming a profitable business. We love, love, love all of the future and possibilities, but are still laying the foundation for greater ability to GIVE BACK.


Unlocking the door to Let It Be Yoga was the biggest stepping stone. Embracing the idea that the business is not necessarily what I expected is the current and most exciting hurdle I have ever come across in my 27 years of life in this world.

Beginning Yoga

Every person is a piece of art. Each body is different. Each is beautiful in its own right.

This follows through into the practice of yoga. What is so incredible about this practice is that we all start from a place of effort in strengthening the body. There is no square one. There is no end goal. Each person is able to begin yoga wherever he or she happens to be. You may have been injured recently, or sick. You may not have exercised in a month or a few years. You may not have taken note of your breath since you were a child. Wherever you may be in life, you can practice yoga to develop into whatever your body craves. Hatha yoga allows you to listen to your body. You do not need to move too quickly, or feel frustrated. Wherever you are is beautiful.

Hatha is an ancient physical practice where practitioners aim to hold postures for a minimum of 120 seconds. The belief is that this digs deeply into the fascia of the muscle and transforms the body. Breath-work and the ability to focus the mind are also a big part of the Hatha path. At Let It Be Yoga, we also incorporate a bit of flow alongside the Hatha poses.

Come start the fire in your belly and build your heat.


All Levels Yoga


The more you practice yoga, the more in sync your body and breath will become. This will allow for the nervous system to relax, and the body to be more efficient in movements.

This class will bring you closer to the practice. you will be given options for your body. You will learn to become in touch with your body and your breath. This mind-body connection will help you to ward off germs, emotional breaks, and even increase your ability to be more productive in the rest of life. 



Energizing Yoga 

Wake up, Charlottesville!

In this shortened version of a class (45 minutes), you move quickly so you can fit that morning practice in more often while you still maintain all of the benefits. In this energizing class, we will work with a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa flow to reinvigorate and support circulation of the body. The combination of backbends and heat building postures will be sure to get your body and mind ready for whatever your day will present you with. You will breathe and move with ease, leaving class feeling full of light and energy. 


"Little darling the smile is returning to the faces.... it seems like years since it's been here... Here comes the sun, and I say it's all right."


George Harrison shares a birthday with your instructor for this class, Kristin. His words are wise let us listen to him and wake up well with the sun in the power of unity with yoga! We will listen, grow, and play together as we get to experience one of nature's most fabulous expressions of light and love - sunrise.






Yoga is an experience for you. Yoga is about taking some time for yourself to just breathe, relax, and let go. Along the way we can build up the strength in our bodies, release tension from our joints, and our places of stress. Each class is specifically designed for whoever walks into the studio that day. Yoga should allow for people who are wherever they are in their practice to just be present, happy, and supported by the community who loves them.

Play. Gather. Flourish.

Let's explore together!





"She's leaving home..."


Just kidding. Dudes are super welcome at Let It Be Yoga. We love the mix of ages, genders, races, and all walks and experience levels. Come chill and yoga with us.






#All I Gotta Do

"I'll be here yes I will whenever you call, you just gotta call on me yeah."


That is your mat talking to you! The man, the myth, the incredible yogi John Lennon wrote this lovely hymn we can live by. YES! Come and reconnect with your body and mind in the middle of the day with a playful and joyful class dedicated to YOU! <3 #weloveyou




This is a Hatha slow flow ALL levels yoga class that focuses on opening the heart and shoulders. We do this by incorporating a number of backbends into the class in order to reinvigorate and energize the body!



#Goodmorning Goodmorning


"I've got nothing to say, but it's okay."


Wake up together. #community. Let It Be Yoga... we breathe together even at 7:30am. Come and talk or not. We know waking up is not always fun, but YOGA is. You know you want to come wake up the body and mind together. We will see you on the mat when you're ready :)


#fixinG A Hole  

"I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in, and stops my mind from wondering where it will go..." George Harrison <3


Oh what yogis those Beatles are! THANK YOU John, George, Paul and Ringo ;)


Come relax and find your peace at this evening release of your day. If you want to push you may. IF you want to relax you may. Let It Be Yoga offers you practice at your level, and your pace. Trust us, we trust you. #communitylove #yes #liveinthelight #learnfromthebeatles








This hatha yoga class is perfect for you, those wanting to deepen their practice, and anyone who needs to wind down and relax at the end of the day. Over the course of 60 minutes, we will tune into the breath, use playful fluid motion to work out any kinks in the body, and practice a few strengthening poses to improve our physical alignment. The class will end with extended and guided relaxation, borrowing techniques from yin yoga and yoga nidra. This class will keep you in tune with winter's contemplative energy by calming the mind and easing stress.





limited offering 

Tennis and golf require an immense amount of concentration and ability to block out the worry from the brain. During tennis and golf yoga you will use proven techniques to enhance your ability to get out of your head and into your game. Yoga offers benefits for many athletes. These classes in particular will work on building:

Wrist and Shoulder Strength
The Mind Game
Flexibility of Wrists and Shoulders
Strength and Rebuilding of the Knees


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