Yamas and Niyamas (ethics and care of the world)

8 limbs of yoga #thankyou #yogatraining #shoshonitrained #ashramraised

1. Yama: Universal Mortality 

2. Niyama: Personal Observances (thank you Kevin)

3. Asanans: Physical Postures (7 chakras) #rockstars of LIBYoga (core thank you Kristin) 

4. Pranayama: breathe --> pour in, pour out. Thank you Erin. (root) 

5. Pratyahara: Control of the senses (thank you JOsie crown of the head) 

6. Dharana: Concentration (thank you Mariah - you are a goddess) 

7. Dyyhana: Devotion. Meditation to the divine. (You know unnamed. ALL OF the GRATITUDE). 

8. Samadhi: Union with the divine (Thank you Rose... born a yogi #LIBYoga rockstar - holding Kristin's foot. You root us and connect us to the sky all at once.)