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Let It Be Yoga.. We Breathe Together


Downtown Cville Virginia  


I love yoga, and all I want to do is spread the message that we all #fit yoga. Our emails for the studio are Fit means many things. The first that comes to mind for most people is to be actively fit. After that what comes to mind for me is that everyone has a place to FIT INTO community. We are all important. We all have a place. The third is that yoga fits into EVERY body, every life. The forth is that we do not have to FIT the societal mold. I sure don't. I am a 27 year old female from NJ with a masters of Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science. I have not fit in many worlds, but I FIT in yoga, and so do you. The fifth is that yoga can FIT anywhere into your schedule especially with the help of tech. Sixth,  your practice gets to FIT where-ever you are in your body TODAY, not yesterday, not even tomorrow. Warrior 2, standing in the present. The seventh (not a coincidence that there are seven chakras) is that we are all compassionate, loving beings who fit as one.


I have unlocked the keys to a space that holds the 15th yoga studio in Charlottesville Virginia. I am also in the process of working with many different populations. While I run Let It Be Yoga I also teach yoga to government officials at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville. I teach a men's yoga class at Farmington Country Club. I have a budding yoga relationship with the Silver Chair Company, The Women's Initiative, and even the Local Charlottesville Library.

Let It Be Yoga is still in the first year transition period of becoming a profitable business. We love, love, love all of the future and possibilities, but are still laying the foundation for greater ability to GIVE BACK.

Unlocking the door to Let It Be Yoga was the biggest stepping stone. Embracing the idea that the business is not necessarily what I expected is the current and most exciting hurdle I have ever come across in my 27 years of life in this world.