Fear of the Yoga Monster

Let me see if this sounds familiar to you:

I am not flexible. I am out of shape. I never use my gym membership. I will never be able to touch my toes. I am afraid I won’t be good at yoga.


The list goes on, and the common sentiment is clear. We are all afraid of trying something new. We are afraid to look silly, to feel uncoordinated, or to be exposed. Yoga is different than just a workout. Maybe you have heard people talk about a yogic lifestyle. This is not something that needs to happen all at once or even ever if that makes you feel overwhelmed. What is so great and lovely about yoga is that you can have yoga be whatever you need it to be.

Some people do yoga to deal with stress. The breath is the most important for this goal; however learning to breathe can also help with sports like running, tennis, and even jujitsu. Calming the mind and the body starts with the breath!

 Some people do yoga to become more flexible. The asana practice (poses) are at the forefront for this goal. The asana practice grows and transforms with the growth of the physical practice. I like to think about asana like a mountain range. The first mountain you climb is not your apex, but only the beginning. There will be a great series of mountains and each apex more exciting and fulfilling than the last!

Some people do yoga to work on self -are. The slow poses of hatha are great for this goal. Taking time to be still, and just with yourself will help you achieve goals you never really thought at all possible! There are many poses and breath work to help us to come inside and learn to reflect.


As time goes on the combination of breath and body movement starts to make more sense. You will feel yourself become lighter, more thoughtful, more present, and just generally happier. This is why I say yoga is for everyone. Who wouldn’t want those lovely side effects of the yogic practice?! Feeling scared of yoga is normal. Feeling hesitant of coming to a new place is intelligent. Feeling unable to do the poses is common. The unknown is always an adventure, and we promise you will feel the warm and supportive embrace of Let It Be Yoga as you begin your journey. J