Psychocalisthenics, Yoga, & You

Psychocalisthenics is a fun and fancy term for the balance of body and psyche (emotions). Sound familiar? Some days, I think that we can all see ourselves as the superheroes we are. This might look something like trying to balance a plate, a cup, a fork, a baby elephant, and a martini (without an olive) all while standing on one foot - some days, one toe! This crazy little thing called yoga, and the incorporation of psychocalisthenics can help us feel like we actually can hold on to all the randomness, or maybe even teach us what random stuff we can leave by the wayside.

If you are just hearing the word "psychocalisthenics" for the first time, and are failing to see the difference between this jargon and everything you have heard to date about yoga - let me elaborate.

Have you ever heard a yoga teacher talk to you about your emotions being left over in your body? Have you wanted to roll your eyes, and just dismiss this notion as nonsense. Don't worry we all have. Then, one day, there you are, hanging out on your mat just cursing your pigeon posture - I mean politely breathing through this excruciating opening - and you start to cry. You have no idea why, particularly. You are not saddened by anything in the forefront of your mind, and you have really positive feelings about most of the stuff going on in your life. But you're freaking crying. Right there on your yoga mat - in public no less!

This is in essence - psychocalithenics. The emotions that are left in our bodies, giving our bodies that lasting 'tightness' and 'stress.' The term 'stress,' that we use to talk about the body, should be a nice signal to you that we do physically and mentally hang on to  issues that come across in life.

There are many ways that a yogic practice can help to release you of any mental and physical blocks. Yoga is a great tool to teach you the way to comfortably let go of anything that may be plaguing your thoughts and daily life.

Kristin Schutz1 Comment