It's Okay That You Missed One Practice

You don't always have time to practice yoga. Forgive yourself. This is okay. The world is a busy place, and you are an important person. The phone rings, and tells you that you have to add ten more things to your to do list. You are not feeling as confident in those yoga pants as you once did. You really don't feel like you have an hour to give to yourself.

You may also feel like everything else is more important than taking some time for yourself. . . That my lovely little yogi is not as okay. Because you are beautiful, important, and worth it! You deserve a moment of peace.

You know how they tell you every time you're on an airplane that you should assist yourself before assisting others? You're not much use to your kid or your elderly parent if you have passed out for lack of oxygen.

This is true in life too.

Good news. Yoga teaches us to breathe. Yoga teaches us to balance. Yoga teaches us how to love ourselves even when we feel our worst. Yoga means unity of breath, body, and mind. Let yourself live united. You are worth a practice.

Even if you don't have an hour to practice you can get your yoga mind into gear with just a couple of poses.

Breathe (Tell that inner voice the breath is designed to calm you - you should feel totally normal that concentrating on stillness is hard work!)

Pick 2-3 poses or a short video. (Tell yourself to hold each pose for 8-10 breaths) You got this.

Sit down and take 1-2 minutes to be still just noticing yourself. Tune in and say hello.

You can do all of this in 7-12 minutes. You decide if that is worth changing the entire course of your day. This is all up to you. Just remember, your air mask first.

Kristin SchutzComment