Achievement is a Dirty Word

Am I doing this right? Will this effort culminate in the results I have been searching for? Will I have wasted my time? Can I endure? Will I fail?

I don't know, and not knowing is a great place. We do not need to run. We will never have all of the answers we seek - thank goodness.

We all have questions we want answers to, and if you are anything like me - you want them sooner rather than later. We are all so busy running around, making lists, trying to win. At points we may even put ourselves at risk of illness because we run the body and the mind down. Then we crash. We get sick. We get depressed. We get angry. We get frustrated.

When we sit and meditate, there is no expectation. The practice of meditation is so powerful to the rest of our lives because it is a place we can come to just be. Just be angry. Just be sad. Just be happy. Just be loved. Whatever you are feeling - you are entitled to feel.

This applies to most aspects of our lives. This does not mean we should not work hard, but the achievement of a single goal is already a misconception. Like yoga - there is no final, perfect pose. If we keep challenging ourselves with the goal of growth instead of the goal of achievement we are much more likely to maintain happiness on our paths.

Drive and hard work are wonderful qualities. Growth is the goal, and just by trying you're on the path of growth. No need to over-analyze. Just being us right now is all we can ask ourselves to be. You're already great at that.

Kristin Schutz