Why Let It Be?

I would love to unpack for you the tagline of Let It Be Yoga for a deeper understanding of its message. Because while the point of a tagline is to boil down the heart of the studio into three little words, it is my belief that a deeper understanding may be helpful for the growth of this little community.

 I sat down about two months ago now, and began to rack my brain for what yoga means to me. I was quite surprised that I found myself - a woman of many words- with nothing to say! What in the world does this studio offer to the world? Why should people choose to come spend an hour or more a week at Let It Be Yoga? What is so brilliant and spectacular about the way I have learned yoga? Then the juices started to flow. The biggest reason I wanted to open a studio – YOGA IS FUN. We need to remember that yoga is just downright fun!

 Okay, so what is a word that will encompass fun? What is a word that will let other people know that yoga does not always need to be quite so serious? What is a word that might evoke a kind of childlike spirit in people? Oh yeah, duh! Play. So ‘Play’ became the first word of the tagline for Let It Be Yoga.

Well now things started to get a little harrier. Of course I think yoga is fun, but the practice is so much more than just fun. Why is that? What about a studio is important? Why not just go on YouTube for yoga? Isn’t that easier? Yoga in your living room? What draws people together, and allows them to feel comfortable? What will continually get people to yoga class when they just don’t have any more energy? Yes, other peoples - that big beautiful community of friends both new and old. How can we express this giant web of community support in one word? Gather.

This second word encompasses the gathering of people and the gathering of energy in one space to practice yoga. Gather the breath, the prana, the energy, the life force by coming together in one sacred, safe place. Gather.

The third word is like the conclusion of a brief, or the end of a book, or even the last sip of tea. This leaves you with a feeling. This leaves you with a taste in your mouth either bitter or sweet or worse yet unsatisfied. How do we long to feel after a wonderful and trying practice? What do we all chase each time we return to the mat? I believe that we are looking to have the energy restored within ourselves. We are digging in for the life force, and hoping to emerge rejuvenated. This is a beautiful feeling that granted may not come from each and every practice; however, this is a feeling that is present enough to continually have the call of the mat beckon our presence. We long and strive to flourish. Flourish is the last word of the tagline. The finale encompasses the essence of the first two ideas so really the tagline becomes: Play + Gather = Flourish. This is our little yogic math equation that we will practice over and over at Let It Be Yoga. I hope that you will come and join us on the mat.