Urban Yoga: Let There Be Life

If you have been coming to your mat at Let It Be Yoga then you know that we are nestled in the heart of downtown Charlottesville. You know that downtown is not always still, loving, and peaceful. There is sometimes the sound of yelling, cars honking, people coming and people going about their days. When you come to your mat at Let It Be Yoga you are coming to your mat in the world. You will learn to breathe and be within the city, within the world. You are able to listen to the sound of your breath because that beautiful whisper will still be most audible above all else. We do not completely shut the world away at Let It Be. Instead, we hope to extend our positive energy, breath, and love out into the streets of the lovely place many of us are proud to call home.

            Yoga is not an escape from the world. Rather the powerful and transforming practice of yoga is a way to live within the world. We can become a bit stronger, confident, calmer, and at peace on our mats. Amidst the hubbub you will find clarity. Maybe you will not feel this right away. Maybe you will need to come to your mat everyday for a month, or even two, before you feel the power of yoga settle into your spine.

            Come let the sounds pass over you. Come build heat in your core and a fire in your belly. Come hear the sounds of your breath triumph over the sounds of the streets. Come feel joy emanate from your soul and find itself represented as a smile over your beautiful face. Come learn to live, stand your ground, and BE in the world. We cannot run away, but we can create a deeper sense of peace in ourselves and our community.