Let it be yoga

112 2nd St. NE
Charlottesville, VA , 22902



This is a Hatha style based yoga studio. We use this tradition as a base to help ease your way into yoga for the first time, or to deepen an existing practice.

In our busy lives we rarely take the time to be still unless we are sleeping, or so exhausted we just zone. When we consciously take the time to be mindfully still we give ourselves a moment to reset. This actually helps us to concentrate more, and teaches our bodies to be more effective (active) even when we are not on the mat.

We hold some expressions of the posture for approximately 2 minutes to dig deeply into the fascia of the muscle and experience balance of mind, body, and breath. This allows us to transform and reinitiate tissue growth in the moment!

Hatha yoga is meant to feel good. We all practice together from our youngest to our oldest. We work to build our own heat so we practice in a room temperature environment between 73 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit.  The classes are capped at 8 so we are able to focus on each individual as needed.

LIBYoga focuses on teaching you to be your own teacher. We love to practice together, but only you can know what is going on in your body. We will guide you to the best of our ability, and you will learn to connect from the inside out.



We are always looking for ways to connect to the community. If your organization can utilize the benefits of yoga, please email kristin@libyoga.com for information. 


Love notes -xo

"Creative, varied class in intimate & inviting studio space. Kristen leads an outstanding class with clear dialogue.  Birds chirping outside added lift to our Crows, Eagles and Peacocks.  I'll return!. "

Maria D., Paine Field-Lake Stickney, WA

"As someone without a yoga background, their hatha classes have been incredible for releasing tension in my body -- and one of the first times I've ever been able to truly just "lose myself" in a class "

Hallie S., Charlottesville, VA

"Another great experience at Let It Be Yoga! I love how laid-back, accessible, and authentic this yoga practice is. I look forward to Kristin's positive energy and wisdom, and her focus on self-kindness.  "

 Heidi T., Charlottesville, VA


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